to dwell on dreams



Is this hell

I’m legitimately scared right now

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Favorite Moments From StarKid Musicals 

A Very Potter Musical “That is a boss Zefron Poster!”

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"Detention, Mr. Black, this Friday," Professor McGonagall reprimanded the young wizard, as he stood in her office with some vague imitation of remorse. "And you will undoubtedly be glad to know that almost all of Mr. Sherbatsky’s hair has been restored."

"Does it look any better?"


"I’m sorry, Professor," sighed Sirius. "I was just trying to help. Who wouldn’t stand to gain from just wiping off all the prat’s ha… I mean, giving that dear sweet boy a new chance at… hair. His first try obviously failed."

"I thought you said it was an accident."

"It was. A lucky accident. Fate works in funny ways sometimes, Professor."

"Detention on Friday, Black."

"Right you are, Professor. You look lovely tonight, by the way."

"Out of my office, Black."

"If you insist."


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the fastest word i can type is motherlode

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yo what’s up with those days when u have to pee like 35 times

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Brienne and Jaime: a summary.

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Or, “How You Know You Are In An Abusive Relationship 101”

My mom absolutely refused to let me see this movie and once I actually saw it, i saw why

That’s the most chilling possible comment on this post.

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