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im glad the rock became a wrestler and actor because he graduated with a degree in criminology. he would have been the worlds most electrifying man in law enforcement. we would not be able to stop him

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person: get your license
me: The Road Is A Terrifying Place And I Am Very Afraid To Drive
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nothings worse than passing up an opportunity you know you would’ve enjoyed because of the fear of being judged

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nap time

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We know why.

Don’t forget Charlie Sheen. He’s been arrested for domestic violence at least six times and shot a woman. With a gun. And he’s still got a career.

Sean Penn tied Madonna to a chair and beat her. Fuck him. Fuck all of them.

Michael Fassbender

Matthew Fox

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

Ringo too I’m pretty sure

Phil Spector, although he’s now in jail for killing a lady he beat on Ronnie Spector for years and still got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Axl Rose

Vince Neil

Sean Penn

Charlie Sheen

Jim Morrison tried to set fire to his girlfriend

Stephen Segal

Tommy Lee

Ozzy Osbourne

Mickey Rourke

Bill Murray

Gary Busey

Tom Sizemore

Christian Slater

James Caan

Josh Brolin

Edward Furlong

I could go on.

The point isn’t that the men on the left don’t deserve everything bad they have coming to them.  The point is where the fuck is all the outrage when the men on the right do it.  So many of our pop culture heroes are abusers and nobody seems to care.

Like, even if we’re gonna stick to the NFL, Ben Roethlisberger patiently sat out his six game suspension for rape and continued on with his career with little outrage. 

If we’re really going to care now about ostracizing perpetrators of domestic violence, we got a lotta slack to pick up.

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headcanon that walburga would confiscate James’ letters to Sirius because she thought he was a bad influence. and one day during ootp, buckbeak was rustling around in her room and Sirius found a fat stack of yellowed, unopened twenty-year-old letters. for one afternoon, he wasn’t just remembering conversations with James. It was like he was having new ones.



And it was less a “friendly wave glimpsed from behind a veil” and more “a big dork with messy hair jumping up and down and making faces from behind a veil”

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do NOT google corn man this is a warning

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parents: “u should be more active”
me: image

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